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Karen H near Tampa

You really don't know that the "blob of dark cloth" is the man's left leg, in trousers, bent at the knee (or are you being sarcastic)? Her left hand is holding his knee. I'm with you on the rest of it, however.

For what it's worth, I check this site every day and enjoy it greatly.

The Wife

For that to really be his left knee, his thigh would have to be coming straight out of the ground. Look at the angle. Bodies just don't bend that way! Plus, if that's then his calf as well, his calf is smaller than his arm! I wasn't being sarcastic. It still doesn't look like his pants to me. But when I blow up the picture really large, I CAN see a small "v" of light in it, so I'm going to assume that's *supposed* to be the bend of his knee. Either way, this cover gives new meaning to the concept of "dislocated members"!

Glad to have you visit -- hope you'll leave more comments. :)

Karen H near Tampa

An anatomically impossible pose on a romance cover, especially of that vintage? Who'd have thunk? I just think of that as part of their "charm."

The Wife

Yeah. I gotta admit, after a while, it's hard not to just roll our eyes at some of these covers. How many ways can we say "LOOK AT THIS!" and make it funny?

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