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Eric Arvin

Well, hey there, Uncle Walter! Listen. I appreciate the strange shout-out, but you've posted more than my cover here. If you would be so kind as to take down the other art from the book that would be great. Absolutbleu's art deserves the story it was originally intended for. Thanks.

Eric Arvin

The Wife

Mr. Arvin, Thank you for contacting us!

Well, this is certainly a first! In all these years, we've never had an author or artist express upset or displeasure over one of our posts (generally quite the contrary!). As I'm sure you're aware, many books carry additional artwork, most in the form of the step-back (which we use on a regular basis), and though that may comprise the entirety of the artwork present, it's use is still acceptable, as it is part of commentary and parody.

While I do believe, that there is legal precedence under fair use law to protect our post as it stands, despite the percentage of content, in an effort to eliminate any risk of hard feelings (of which there are, as always, never any intended!), I'm more than willing to remove some of the more... mundane... selections from the post. That would insure that there is still plenty that the consumer hasn't seen, while still conveying the feel of the commentary, and maintaining less substantial use. I trust, under the circumstances, that will be an acceptable compromise?

We've enjoyed your book! And having the Kindle read it aloud is an experience! "Squee!" isn't quite the same in that very dry, electronic voice. :D

Eric Arvin

On the contrary, seeing Kid Christmas here made me grin ear to ear. My issue is with the posting of ALL the images. While many readers will be curious enough to go pick up a copy, others might think "Why bother if they're giving the milk away for free?" ;-)

The Wife

Awesome! So glad when our intent is taken in the right way. :)

We're looking forward to reading more of your work!

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