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Jain Daire

Damn it, either you guys used this cover already or all the guys on these types of covers have horrible tans.

He's almost a burnt cheese nip!

The Wife

I don't THINK we've used this before. This cover was from one of the most recent batches of books we got, which had a LOT of these old Harlequins in them, so we've posted a few from the batch recently. And yes, they DO all kind of look alike... I did a search on the book and didn't see it anywhere else. But the search hasn't been working right lately, so who knows... :(

The Wife

I went back quite a ways and didn't find this cover, so I'm pretty sure we haven't used it before. We do have quite a few covers similar to this, though.

Jain Daire


I don't mean to police these things. They do all look alike don't they?

The Wife

Well, it certainly does happen (Pirate and the Pagan, anyone?). We've been trying new sorting techniques to prevent it from happening, but two things make it tough, both from human error. 1) because we sometimes re-buy the books (so frustrating!), and 2) because we forget to put them into the "Used Covers" folder. *sigh*

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