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Jain Daire

God no, not the Greek Seaman?!


Uncle Walter

I need to get this book. Sounds like I could do a month of quotes from it!

Jain Daire

More like half a year. Let me know if you find one, it was taken down from Amazon, sadly. Howett posted on her blog that it was for revisions, following "the mishap".

I downloaded a sample back when that thing broke, I don't think all the edits in the world could help it...

The Wife

Can you send us a copy of the sample? I wonder if, since it's no longer available, Al would let us use his own copy for a review? Is it considered stealing when there's not an opportunity to buy it anywhere else? I dunno. Anyway, I really, really want to post some excerpts from this book -- and see how she responds. Would certainly give UW some attention!

Matt's Sis

You could try her other "book" or her "poetry". The... book is called "The Secret Passion Of Twins". The other is "Amorphous Angelic".

Jain Daire

Christ, I'm sorry but I can't find it. It MIGHT be on my Kindle DX, I haven't charged it in a while. I'll check when I get back to school.

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