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I'd say it's a pretty accurate analysis of a pretty stupid hate e-mail :-) Well done!

Brooklyn Ann

There was much in that letter indicating that the troll is not a disgruntled author...well, not a commercially pubbed one, anyway. My guess is that you featured one or many of her favorite authors. You've featured a favorite of mine, and I still laugh. As a romance author myself, I would still laugh. If you ever feature me...I'd still laugh, but vow not to make the same mistake again...unless it's my cover since authors have no say in those.

The Wife

I wondered about that, but I was kind of hoping it WAS a disgruntled author. Because that would just imply that the person has issues with self-esteem and has a poor sense of humor. But to be just a .... RABID fan? Someone who would wish death on a person just because they poked fun at a person they've likely never even met? THAT is disturbing! Some of my favorite authors have been on the blogs, too -- both covers AND quotes. And some of the quotes have truly been bad. Like you, I cut them a lot of slack for the covers. Though I blame the self-pubs for the covers 100%. :-P

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