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Spock, "Captain, sensors indicate the presence of a... rocking chair."

*rocking chair sits in middle of the field, plainly visible*

Kirk, "Spock, I se no... ROCKing chair. Ensign Redshirt!"

*ensign Redshirt gulps*

Kirk, "Be on the lookout for this... rocking CHAIR."

Ensign Redshirt meekly walks forward, trips over the PLAINLY VISIBLE rocking chair and DIES

Ensign Redhsirt, "I'm not dead yet!"

McCoy, "Dammit Jim, he's DEAD!"

Kirk, "It.. was.. PARADISE... before the... ROCKing Chair! Scotty, beam us up! Full Phaser SPREAD!"


Why does she have a package?

The Wife

Maybe camel toe... or... she isn't a "she" and "she" comes by that package the natural way... or she stuffs. Doesn't matter too much -- she's still gonna die.


She has a package because she is one of them "ale-lee-ann" chicks from Zeta Reticula.

Either that or she's one of New York City's famous trannies...

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