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She was hoping for an 8 inch floppy but got a 3.5 inch ZIP disk instead, complete with click of death malfunction.
Geek love, it was never satisfying...

Uncle Walter

All she was left with was a Jazz drive and an obsolete SCSI interface.


She was unfulfilled, the cartridges she tried fit too loosely in the slot.

Uncle Walter

Too many read/writes on a bad sector


She suffered a head crash as his Ram leaked.


Hercules monochrome lovin' in a Super VGA world.

She wanted tactile feedback, but he ended up buffer overflowing in his pants.

Ondele, ondele, Amiga, Amiga!


She should make certain she's got good antivirus and antimalware installed, or she's gonna find her inbox has been jacked.


Along those lines, he's been checking through her outbox to find out what she's into. Such a spyware creeper. Here's his pickup line:

Why don't you come over to MySpace and let me Twitter all over your FaceBook?

Afterward: You got a little Google on your chin, let me get you a washcloth.

Matt's Sis

The above is what would happen if computer nerds wrote romance. I'm sure there would even be a mac vs pc war in there too.

The Wife

Sis, I kinda like the idea of this. It would be a hell of a lot better than some of the absolute crap I've been reading lately. Like the one that has a red-headed chick named Candace who talks like a teenage girl, who is stupidly infatuated with the blond boy. I keep waiting for them to find the squirrels in her pants.

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