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The cat esteems him not, that is why he suffers from "Cat butt, in your face!"

Jain Daire

Oh, come on, how can a book be titled "Familiar Showdown" with a CAT on the cover?! Are he and the cat mortal enemies?

The Wife

Jain, Maybe, rather than the cat being the familiar, it means that it's just a showdown that's familiar to them.

Matt, is that what it means? That would explain why UW's cat sticks her ass in my face all the time. Which is a vast improvement over the cat he USED to have that tried to smother me to death on a regular basis.

Jain Daire

So the cat is his battle buddy.

Open shirt, cowboy hat.... still fails 'cause of the cat.

The Wife

Unless he's cheesing. Then it works. :-P

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