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Images 13 and 14: Obviously she lost her clothes in panel 13 to the grasping grim rapers[rappers?] which made life easier for her breeder stud in panel 14. Too bad she nailed HIM from behind.
Image 15: The witch predicted that if she got pricked, he life would degenerate to chaos. She did not specify a needle prick.
Image 16: she looks angry, the priest looks comatose.
Image 19: "Dem TITS!"

Jessica @ Book Sake

Hahahaha. Oh this had to be so much better than the book. Thoroughly entertaining!

- Jessica @ Book Sake

The Wife

I laugh to tears at this one.


This is hysterical.

The Wife

We're so glad you enjoyed it. It's one of my personal favorites, and Uncle Walter worked very hard on it. I mainly just cleaned up his typos, because despite being righteously *intelligent*, he seems to have difficulty with spell check, too. ;)

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