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She must have wanted some cave dude nookie as I don't know of any woman who wears a coat directly over a bra without thermals and a shirt overtop of the bra.

Too bad he broke her neck in his caveman rough sex fantasy.
She didn't know the safeword of "Graaaagh!"


"She was so easy a caveman could do her."


Get molested by a caveman - Win a free vacation!

The Wife

THIS isn't the caption contest. :-P

I read a book where the woman was... pleasured... by an icicle. That would work better than popsicles, I think. Less sticky.


There's a Tori Amos song titled 'Icicle' that fits that line of thinking.
The song is horribly dijointed.
But the words are hysterical.
"FEEEL the word!"
heh heh heh...

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