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But wait -- what's up with that belt? And what is tied around his leg?

The Wife

That's a gun belt and it's strapped to his leg. I can't find a good image of an authentic one, but the old west style gun belts would strap to the leg to hold the holsters in place. http://gunsofold.com/images/black_tooled_holster_and_belt.jpg The belt underneath is the one that's holding up his pants.

UW did this one sans help from me (I fell asleep). He does have a bulgy chest, but it's his hair and expression that sell it to me.


There's so much going on here. The top of the hat with his finger just entering - kind of looks like a girl's genitals. Then the weird line between his six-pack? Looks like a bank slot. Would have thought they would have put a bulge in the crotch, but it almost looks like a zipper. Yes, that's a bit of a "cocky" countenance isn't it?


"Mr. Douglas, we beseech you to put the hat back over your face.."

In other news, I can't tell if theguy in the following link is saving the lady from the turtles or if the turtles are saving her from him.

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