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Seriously, I think that's one of the most hideous, inept covers I've ever seen. Gives some epubs a run for their money in the "Monkey Using Photoshop" dept.

The Wife

It's truly horrible. It took me like 2 minutes just to figure out that was an IV pole on the side. And no hospital gown for him, since they've got to have a bare chest. UW thinks he looks like Fred Willard (not exactly sexy), and all I can think of is Rodan.


He suffered from a rare condition, penile mortarfercation.
Every time he got aroused, a condo would spring forth from his crotch.


The latest way to take the vitals - temp by grabbing his erection, pulse by stroking his forehead. Or maybe that should be the other way around. No, make that blood pressure by seeing how long it takes for him to get hard.


Brings new meaning to "Hard a s a Brick".

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