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"Oh yeah?! What are YOU gonna do about me trespassing mister big head?!" She stood with her hands on her hips by mean Mister McGready's pond, her planson skinny dipping in the leech infested waters ruined.

"I'll show you, you little twerp!" and so she received death by giant bukakke.


Boy does his hair have some serious static electricity! I love it Matt!


Fapping with dry hands while giant sized will electrocute your nads.
She doesn't have to worry about pregnancy at all.

The Wife

*sigh* I guess I should read the comments before posting captions. Hey, why don't we assume that I took the idea from you, how's that? lol


But I took two tries to get that one.
Plu I had to look at it again after a day or so AND feed off weirdness from others first.

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