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Jain Daire

I swear you guys posted this one already, I mean I know a lot of them look alike ( I remember Savage X Week) but I know you guys did this one already.

The Wife

While I TOTALLY admit it's possible (and happened), we've searched through our posts and didn't see this title... But... it does happen. Although the reason I don't think so is that we've had a hell of a time coming up with a caption for this -- but UW was so proud of himself for this one! lol


I liked this book.


And with a curt "Achoo!" her sneeze her brains out of her vacuous head.

Jain Daire

Didn't mean to attack you guys (I love you guys) and it's really stupid but I remember his hair >_<;

The Wife

No, no, we don't feel attacked! It's just that... well, I've searched for the title, I've searched for the author, and I've even done some poking around in the categories. I just can't find it! Do you remember anything about the caption? Maybe I just didn't add the title and author at the bottom? Although I thought I'd gone back through all of the old posts doing that... hmm... I'm running out of ideas! lol

Jain Daire

HA! I found it!!! Went through the archives, got so distracted for a good while with laughing at the old covers and captions...

May 6, 2010
Having used her plumage to attract a male...
(Once Upon a Tangled Tale, Bronwyn (Wtf kind of name is that?) Wolfe)

...the Bride begins her mating dance, singing the traditional song with its haunting refrain of "Ido Ido Ido."

The Wife

Well... Fudge. See, there's a couple of reasons that this happened with this particular cover. 1) Uncle Walter did it himself the first time. Which means he 2) didn't put the cover in the deleted bin or 3) add the title and author to the bottom. He's... forgetful.

Oh well.

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