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With the way he's puckering his lips, he's not gonna miss it once he nips it in the bud.


with a sword so precariously close to his privates, his cremasteric reflex should be causing his anus to pucker up a whole lot more than his lips

Marilyn Upright

Why would a man look at a cover with anothet man on it. Obviously you dont know what woman like. He sells the book.

The Wife

Thank you for your comment, Marilyn.

Last I peeked into my panties, I'm a woman. As part of the Rotten Romance team, I help with the content and captions. And as a woman, I can assure you that a man stabbing himself in the genitals does not make me want to buy a book. Though, you should be happy to know, we did anyway. Every book featured on our blogs is one we own personally.

Also... while it doesn't apply to Uncle Walter (he just does it for the lulz), I would hope you could come up with at least ONE reason why a man would look at a cover with another man on it. ;)

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