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There's a lot going on here! Over by the waterfall, a guy rides a horse while he makes a really tall woman run alongside!

Then two ferrets are ferreting out her behind? (which, by the way, is huge).

And then there's a guy fixing to bury the big guy's poop. Hmmm a frontier pooper scooper?


I do have to say, she has a big ass.
MMmmmmm.... cushiony big ass... Mmmmmmm.

And what's with that suicide guy up there at the waterfall.


Hate to say it, I think she's on the rag.

The Wife



Coming to a galaxy near you, Starcatcher snatches damsel with catamenial epilepsy...


Wife - the red rag under her.

The Wife

Ah. I was more thinking, given its location, of a violent head wound. Especially with that look on his face.

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