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Or he was going to make one heck of a large - what's that thing called? The pubic toupee? Begins with an M I think. It's too late to do that. Think I mean.

Matt's Sis

D, you mean he's Merkin Man?


Why does he have a tiny axe stuck up his butt?

The Wife

I must be blind -- I don't see that...


It's right above the tiny horse about to bite his ankle.

The Wife

No, Matt, sorry -- that's not up his butt. THIS: http://www.geriadtric.com/2010/08/im-gonna-sneak-up-and-shove-this-stick-up-his-bum.html is something up someone's butt.


The only way for that axe to stay in that angle is if it is uncomfortably stuck somewhere.
Most axes were hung from a ring like the hammer holder on a carpenters belt.

The Wife

I dunno. It just looks like it's hanging on his hip. But maybe I'm just too blown away by stick-up-the-bum guy...


And once again, he's wearing pants of Bisecting.

The Wife

I accidentally re-bought another copy of this book. Up until that point, I'd totally missed something! Fabio has a *mustache*!!!

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