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Jain Daire

You see, what happened was....

Hey! Everyone was doing it! I was just a girl!


Caption: Rhonda thought Cowboy Dance Class would be fun

Until Butch Deadlift decided to do the Fireman's Do-Si-Do


She was peeing on the crowds below at the local all.

Until security caught her in the act.


"I admit that I'm not even trying with women anymore."
"I can see that! You're simply gonna haul me away!"


I'm sorry but your husband lost you in high stakes poker. You're mine now. All mine! (leer)

Now I'll finally have help picking out fabric for my vests and get the cabin spotless!


Tired of the same old dating scene?
Tired of creepy guys walking up out of teh blue to offer shoulder massages?
Then try all new Damitol!

"*oof!* I took Damitol, and now I don't give a damn at all!"


*To the old Crest Gel commercial circa 1980's*

"The Caption Creeps are attacking!" -Caption Gel crewmember

"We make holes in captions! We make holes in captions!" -Caption Creeps.

"Send in the power of Caption Gel!"


"Fifteen dollars for sex isn't normal, but with Tex it is!"

Bad reference to the following ad campaign:


Squeeze the fruit gently to determine ripeness.
After determining ripeness, bring fruit to checkout to purchase.
Any questions?
Uh.. she's not fruit.. sir? SIR!

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