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Just one comment - not contest entry - but man he has one impressive package! Those pants leave NOTHING to the imagination!


He got confused about which head to use the enlargement contraption on.


My upper half is 70% larger than my lower half, in all ways but one, ma'am.


This one smells a bit off. Throw 'er back!

Matt's Sis

Does he... actually have... camel-toe? It looks like his testes are being bisected by those pants. Must. Look. Away.


Holy Be-Jesus! He does have camel toe.


Dammit the ship is sinking!

I knew having a giant captain's wheel was a bad idea!
"Oh Camel-Toe, I mean Fabio - don't worry I can be used as a flotation device. Just ride my leg...


Caption: I'll be saved by the buoyancy of Ego.

Fabs: The ship is sinking, I'll hold you and smell your hair until it's done!

Her: Look at my sexy leg too... I'll be fine, I can just float to safety on your big honkin' nose.

Fabs: Big... Nose?

Her: You heard me, why else would I let you hold me and look at my leg?


Caption: I always love an eager missy.

Haven't even got my pants peeled off and she's got her face ready for the teabagging. Or would you prefer to snorkle?


For some reason, Love/Hate doing "Spinning Wheel" popped to mind.
Must be that huge wheel in teh background that one of them just might be tied to.


Hubby just looked at the pic this morning. He didn't see the appendage above the bisected balls. Am I the only one?


That's it, flash some leg.

A rescue boat will be here quickly.


The pants are bisectual?


Pants of Bisecting +9 against anatomy.
Crotch Grip of Falsetto +7 againts manly voice.

Matt's Sis

... I can't believe they're not buttered.


"Butterball, not Buttered Balls!"


Man on horseback rides down sandy beach, comes to a bust of Fabio sticking out of the Caption This sands.

"You Maniacs! You Blew it up! Damn you! Damn you to hell!"

It would seem that sis and I kill Caption This threads.


It was a sailors tale about how The Fabio would land upon a sinking ship and suck the brain out of the hapless women onboard before flying off on the win d from his fabulous hair.

Oh look, there he is now, uh.. honey?


Listen honey, we both know that I have better hair, a darker tan, bigger boobs, shapelier thighs and kick-ass boots BUT if we close our eyes I'll imagine that you dont walk with a gimp on account of your unequal gams and you can imagine that I have a pair of testicles


*Fabio, singing*

"Doncha wish your girlfriend was HOT like me? Doncha?"


And now, my dear, to treat you to the kind of goose that doesn't break your nose.

Erin Spock

Fabio and the Mysterious Case of Cameltoe.

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