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No my sweet bell - don't jump!

Let me help you...


Should I or shouldn't I? he pondered.

Damn I didn't pay up the life insurance on her!


She had quite the monkey on her back.

But then again, so did he.


She thought it would come in handy to have a man grafted onto her shoulders...

But when her turn came, she realized what an ass he'd become.


To the above tune chorus:

"If you like penis alotta, and getting stuffed in the face." cover
"Then I'm the creep that you've looked for, so come with me and get raped." insert.

Notice she doesn't look too worried.
I suspect roleplaying.

Matt's Sis

I think caption contests result in "performance anxiety" for comment posters.

This is apparently not a problem he shares... they never do between the pages.


Ah, so our intrepid caption character is an exhibitionist?


Aren't there a little too many stars on that American flag?

Happy 4th of July everyone! One of two favorite holidays for my dog and my husband! They both LOVE fireworks!


The Little Rascals: All Growed Up.

Darla was about to find out exactly WHY they STILL called him "Spanky" aftter all these years.


Tramping out the trash.
Now with 50% more tramps!


She's at the thirty, the twenty, the the and OOOOH!
SACKED by the booty bandit!

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