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I can't believe I actually looked on the cover for an actual cat! ROFL

Seriously though, she puts Sharon Stone to shame!


"...and that's how the children playing in the woods came to believe in crotch trolls."

Dad! *horrified daughterly shriek*

"Well, you did! Next up, we tell the tale of how they came to believe in the vicious tentacle beast of Grahh-nagga!"

The Wife

D, sorry. :D When I enlarged it there DID seem to be some shadowing in there, though.

Matt, "Crotch Trolls" eat the dead hedgehogs.


Wife - Why sorry? I wasn't criticizing. I meant a REAL 4 legged cat! Kind of like Random Wolf Wednesday, horses, etc.


A spotting vag usually warrants a trip to the gynecologist
Is that how he does a speculum exam?

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