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"No, no no. You put your RIGHT foot in, take your right foot out, THEN you shake it all about!"


Hmm.. teenage looking daughter, mom looking unconcerned, big dude looking over the shoulder like "WTF?"
Here goes..

She'd snuck out of the house for forbiddenn knowledge, but somehow her mom always knew.
And sure enough, her mom appeared out of nowhere just as she was doing right now!

"WTF, that's yo mom?" her surprised dance instructor said, completely startled by her mom's sudden appearance.
"Hi honey, you forgot some things, did the teleporter forget to send something with me again?"

Yeah, the entire back of her dress..

Matt's Sis

... I know a secret down in Uncle Tom's cabin...

The Wife

Okay, here's a bit of a hint on how to do this... we need TWO pieces. Like Matt's Sis for example, would that be the header or the under picture caption? What would go WITH it? It must be able to be broken up. Otherwise we have to come up with something.


Shoot now that's REALLY hard! What if one person comes up with header and another comes up with the caption? Just saying - could happen (maybe - who knows with our crowd!)


Not a caption - just an observation. Looks like he's really happy to see her mom!

Matt's Sis

I have no clue. I just heard the song, so all I hear is the next line: I know a secret that I just can't tell.

However, does that cover remind you of the movie poster for "Mandingo" at all?

The Wife

Okay, maybe it's just us, but the reason that we thought this cover was horribly racist was because it looked like the man was trying to attack the woman, not like they were embracing. But if that's not what you guys see, I'm glad.

D, if two people win then two people get prizes!

MS, I had to find the one you meant. All I remembered was the one with the white arms around a black torso. Rerelease? Anyway, yeah, it DOES remind me of that poster.


Hold me Closer Tiny Dancer....

Don't pay attention to your mom at all...

Because you know candy cane stripes were soo last year

or the totally wrong one -=-

Damn this infestation of white women!

You pick one and another just pops right up!

Matt's Sis

No it's not just you, she really doesn't look happy to see him.

The Wife

Okay then, one more question: What made people assume that's her mother? I got the impression it was a contemporary.

CC, Not bad!



The next move he was going to teach her was the Mamba....


But this did not involve dance moves but the Black Mamba in his pants!


Header: Trouser Snakes on a Plain!

Captions: "I told you I don't like no Mother$@*# snakes on no God *#@! plain!" -HER
"I already *#@!*ed your mom." -him



Meanwhile... Reuters, by way of Fox News, is writing about CERN building a Large HARDON Collider...
(Paragraph nine by the way.. after light on dark matter header.. or as follows:)


In its turn, specialists say, this could help shed light on what is the dark matter that makes up about a quarter of the universe alongside the some 5 percent that is observable and the remaining 70 percent invisible "dark energy."

"This is really exciting because it shows that there are things beyond the Standard Model," said James Gillies, spokesman for CERN -- the European Organization for Nuclear Research on the border between Switzerland and France.

The search for concrete evidence of dark matter and of what it might be is part of the work of CERN's LHC, or Large Hardon Collider, the world's biggest scientific machine that began operation near full force at the end of March.

Matt's Sis

I dunno. Neither looks old enough to be the other's mother. Although, I don't get why the one chick is just sitting there when her friend appears to be in distress.

Oddly enough, it looks like he's trying to tear her dress off & throw it down the hill (that is a steep hill, right?) or throw her out of her dress down the hill. I can't pick which it is.


Lift and fling, she'll come out of dat thing!

Jain Daire

Darkness of the night meets Whitest of the white!


Meanwhile, inside CERN's Large Hardon Collider:

We see Dark Matter on Light Matter as a Tau Neutrino roughly molests two Muon Neutrinos with his Dark Energy.


"Alright! Alright! Break it up you two! There's certainly enough of me to go around!"


What's scary is I can imagine the chick on the LEFT saying that instead of the dude.

Jain Daire

Guess who dies at the end of this book?


Either the kid, or the dude.


Jerry Springer's Shocking Ancestry Revealed!

Even his great, great, great grandmother and her sister had to be pulled apart after their picnic took a shocking turn when the comment was made that "You are nothing but a Satan worshiping, hermaphrodite husband stealer who slept with your own brother!" It was a hard family to grow up in!


Nintendo's Wee.

Now you're playing with POWER!

Elizabeth L.

Girl on the ground: Sorry, I can only give that Viennese Waltz a seven. Would've been a six but Chad gets a point for taking his shirt off.

Girl dancer: Damn it all! I slaved for days on this waltz, and my mother made this costume with her own hands! You're so not fair.

Guy: Hey, look, I'll take her top off too! Will that get us a ten?

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