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"Slow ride.. take it EASY."
And easy she was, because she lay still as a corpse all night not muttering a single word.
She only awoke to love's first kiss.. to the wrong lips.


Pretty dress. But no boobs! And those flowers remind me of something - just can't remember. 60's or 70's flashback. They look so familiar! - and yes, I'm old.


Floral grips on the bathtubs.
And the 60's acid trip flowers on everything.


No not the bathtub thing for me. Also reminds me of the bathing caps with all the flowers on them. But even that's not the first thing that popped in my mind that won't go away until I identify it. ARRGGHHH! Bad enough when the kids drive me nuts!


I have that happen.
I usually blurt it out hours later or no apparent reason.

Jain Daire

Why are all the guys wearing jeans in these?

The Wife

Jeans are cheap and they don't have to pay for the costume department if the model wears their own.


It's days later, and I still haven't figured it out. sigh

The Wife

It reminds me of a shower curtain. Or an old lady's couch.

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