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Matt's Sis

Um... I... like her dress? The flowers are pretty?... Is he going to throw her in a well? What IS she sitting on?


Someone needs to take this illustrator's artistic license away!!
The man has been drawn with the proportions of an achondroplastic dwarf...or Extreme Makeover (people edition) called it quits after facial reconstruction on Quasimodo.
Why the club hands? Why has one hand eroded into the woman's lumbar spine?
OKAY we need Gissel so she can perform an illustration intervention!


Ding dong dell, pussy's in the well
Who threw her in?
Little Herman Green.
Who pulled her out?
*heh heh heh heh heh..*

Name that old cartoon.


Romeo, Romeo - whereforart thou Romeo?

I'm coming! I'm coming! (well, I will in a minute! Then I'll be right with you).

Is it me, or do I see a little flesh tone just under the sleeve of his right hand? Maybe his sword he's trying to put in her sheath?

The Wife

Okay, see, I hated doing this one, because it's actually one of my favorite books. Well written, great characters, everything. But the old edition has this for a cover. And the scene is (sort of) straight from the book.

It's a greek temple and that's the stone altar. I have NO IDEA why he's drawn this way. The only thing they got right is that the character's blond. The rest, his weird proportions, her size, the colors of their clothes, are completely off.

As for his hand... In the book, his left hand was badly damaged. I have NO idea why his right hand is so messed up here.

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