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And what comes to mind?
A deodorant commercial like so:


Warrior of the HighHANDS.


He should be grateful for the plaid sash. It's the only thing keeping the kilt up. No hips to hold it on.

The Wife

Men are supposed to have armpit hair. They just are. I can't stand when men shave their armpits. Or their chests.


That's what I thought too. A man who shaves armpits? Weeeeird.


Since there's no happy trail, he shaves below the kilt as well.
Respect if he can do that with a claymore...fine line between manscape and emasculate

The Wife

I like some good trimming "below the kilt", but not the chest or underarms. Real men have hair. Real men don't want me to floss with said hair.

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