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Well, I guess they don't have to worry about the fire going out! And her hair is very reminiscent of the 80's and Dynasty. (very obscure hair reference). He does seem to have a thunder thigh!

The Wife

And very cleanly-shaven legs. I'm not even sure he HAS butt-hair.


That bed is at an awkward angle to the fire.

The Wife

Yep. And way too close.


Maybe they used the special Bedknob and traveled in the bed. According to the movie, you really can't control where it lands.


LOVE the Action League Now and Bedknobs references! Never thought I'd look at one of these covers and start thinking of my childhood, but there you are...

The Wife

Trudy, I officially love you. We didn't think ANYONE would get the Action League Now reference. We loved that show!


Thanks, The Wife :D

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