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Isn't that bush itchy against his naked bum?

The Wife

One would think so, but then again, he's buck naked and they have to cover his shame somehow.

Jain Daire

How the hell is that romantic?

He's.... with her boobs, and.....


Points for nice, defined arms.

The Wife

Did you know that Pearls are the traditional gift for the 30th anniversary? I guess he decided to go with a necklace.


Well, I've heard a certain type of burst can produce pearls on the neck. But I also agree with Jain.

She almost looks like her wrists are bound behind her back. If that's the case, usually the submissive is naked and the Dom is dressed! Amateurs!


Whats a pearl necklace?


EWWWWW put some damn pants on, Mister. People will see you if you're in the middle of a friggin' field!
Olivia, if you don't know what a "Pearl Necklace" is, go to Urbandictionary.com
I'd tell you but I think their choice of words might be better (and for a while I didn't know the term either)


Thanks Trudy. I knew I would regret reading that... and I did.

The Wife

You're such an innocent, O!


Well...at least you know now, Olivia
*The More You Know Logo flashes by*

The Wife

And knowing is half the battle...

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