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He shoulda used the chlorophorm.
Less struggling that way.


Is that cover supposed to be romantic in any way? I mean, for those of us who DON'T fantasize about being raped?

Oh, well. Perhaps she'll be able to knock him down as he struggles with that amazingly big dress.

The Wife

I dunno if it's supposed to be romantic. That and "Love Me With Fury" are both somewhat disturbing.


"I" know! She tripped and was going to fall over the railing and he saved her!!! Good for him. There ya go. No more rape!


"Love me Marrietta!" it was a command.
But.. she loved Flipper instead, and just as she tried to leap over the railing to be with her finned paramour, she was rudely grabbed from behind.
Flipper yipped and splashed as he watched the proceedings.
"A little help please!" she said.
Flipper merely jumped out of the water and flipped.

The Wife

Yeah, flat lot of good flipper did. He'd bribed him with fish. Tossed over by a mackeral.


Dropped flat for a flounder.

The Wife

Got a whale of a tale to tell you lads...


Ah, but just what did she expect Flipper to do anyway?
After all, Flipper ain't no Lassie.

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