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Is he wearing hoop earrings on the cover?


Yeap. But you know, I think this is the most acceptable cover with Fabio on it (which doesn't mean it is good, though). I mean, he doesn't look so freaky.


Even with the water and being oiled up, he's still fugly.


I actually bought this book back in the day. *blush*

Hey, I was 18! That's an excuse, right?


It was merely an accident during the show!
Fabio didn't mean to crawl onto the beach and chew the woman in half with his eyelids, nor did he mean to spear her with his nose while snorting and trampling her.
Just remember, this is the only place to see wild Fabios, and accidents are bound to happen.

The Wife

Kerrie, I'm sorry -- I don't know if that's a good enough excuse. It IS Fabio after all.

G, I have a cover where you can barely tell that it's him. We'll do it soon.

Matt, glad you got the joke.

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