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That officially looks like the Worst Book Ever.

La Femme

I don't think I can bring myself to read it to find out.


Well, she's riding the horse wrong for wearing a dress, looks like the Queen is changig the TV channel in the chick's head.
"Verily this channel sucketh royally, we shll change it"
"Yes your majesty. *click!*"

La Femme

See, THESE are the types of comments I want in the forum now! I wanna get that started running, darnit!


I was also going to comment on the lack of decorum by the woman on the horse. A woman back then NEVER rode astride, no matter how fast she has to go. But then again, they seem to be throwing small things at her - maybe there's a "just married" sign on the back of the horse and she's off to honeymoon with it. (ick)

The way she's kneeling she should tower over the Queen.

Oh, and they have the pussy in the wrong place in her lap.

And that's all I can process right now in one sitting.

La Femme

In all fairness to the horseback riding, she seems to be being chased. I imagine she didn't have much of a choice as to which horse she used and what saddle was on it.

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