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Man Femme and Uncle Walter! You steal my lines! Darn. I hate not having everything on one screen. Already had the scratching the back in my head, and there it was. arrrggghh.

But more tartan! That's worse!

That right shoulder doesn't look right. And his muscles do compete right up there with Ahhnold's when he was in Ulysses was it?

La Femme

*I* wanted to put it in the "dislocated members" catagory, but UW ISISTS that it doesn't qualify. He says that the way the tartan hits the muscle and the way the arm is held back is what causes that crease.

Every time I see this my back itches.


Well that's a tiny sword for all those muscles. They are more in keeping with weilding a Claymore. That wimpy sword MUST be a visual metaphor!

La Femme

It would work better if he were facing the other way. :D


He's shaving his back.

La Femme

So THAT'S how he's so smooth!


Yeah, the sword is too small or thin for anything else.

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