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Her boob is going to give him a piercing whether he likes it or not. And geez she has a huge butt! And her calf is really thick.

Yes, that definitely looks like really short shorts on him!

His moob reminds me of Schwarzen...Arnold's in Twins. The scene where he & Danny DeVito are in the grocery store and Arnold strips off his shirt to put on the tee shirt. Danny was so funny!

Something's majorly wrong with his left knee. Almost looks prosthetic.


I think it's a skort, actually. :-)


Skilt, definitely.
His face looks gimped, he's the village idiot, and his village is playing pranks on her.

As for her round butt, there's uses for that.

The Wife

He's all bulgy and veiny like a pumped up steroid using gym rat. Very unnattractive.

You know what else "skort" and "kilt" could be? Skirt. I crack me up.

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