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The Wife

No one. And I mean NO ONE. Should ever be that ugly. Ever. He's uglier than ugly-man.


Umm.. looks like they used Jean Claude VanDamme's face.

"Honey, I need my knees plucked!"

'Yes my love, I will do it right away!'*said in lilting mind numbed voice.

"And while you're down there..."


I'm sorry. That tartan is just too much. It just doesn't go with the cover. I don't even think they go into research to figure out which plaid goes with which clan.

He is so ugly!

But hasn't she been on a number of covers? She ain't so hot herself, but he makes her look better.


It's her nose.
Probably can do some unique things with that nose too.

The Wife

D, Lindsey tends to re-use models a lot, so probably.

M, There's a flower behind her that's making her nose look HUGE. Speaking of noses, my doctor is having me try a nasal spray for a while, but I have no hope of it helping, since I've been having this problem for as long as I can remember. Oh well.


Even his abs are ugly. I hate him for that.

The Wife

His abs look like the back of a beetle of some sort.

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