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"Please let me in - there's a storm coming and you have the only storm cellar in miles!"

"Since you brought me some flowers... WAIT! Those are MY flowers from my garden! Now I won't win the best garden!"

"But look at me! My shirt is undone, the wind is blowing my hair so beautifully! You must let me in. You and I will make beautiful music together while the storm rages! And look, I don't even look like I'm Fabio!"

Well, in that case!"

The Wife

You don't think he looks like Fabio? Thought he looked younger -- and his hair is a bit weird. But definitely Fabio.


That's your only reply? And no, there are quite a number of pics out there I'm sure that don't look that much like him.

The Wife

Umm.... should I have said something else? lol


guess not. I give.

The Wife

I'm confused.

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