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His swim shorts remind me of Daniel Craig's in Casino Royale. What a horrible cartoony cover! LOL

I guess they've been over sizzled. Look at the sunburn on them! Wonder if it's an all-over?

The Wife

They've been eating too many sweet potatoes at the all-you-can-eat buffet.


Ouch, that's some Baaaaaad sunburn there.
Solarcaine won't help that.
They belong on sunburnedbutt dot com.

The Wife

You should be able to post a link. Would it not let you?


Site doesn't exist, yet.
I thought it up as a gag to torment the eldest of the three of us, who suffered the aforementioned sunburned butt.

The Wife

Yes, I found that out after I posted. :-P Glad you're feeling better.

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