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That is a disgustingly deformed arm on the cover! And the barette in his hair? His face looks very heavily made up. He's an Eddie Izzard! That's what he is! (I am NOT saying he IS Eddie - just that it reminds me of what he looks like in his stand up).

She has a HUGE bedunkadunk! And doesn't that dress look like it has a zippered back? And what are the Oomp Loompas poking at her butt for? To pop the big blueberry?

That's not even the same guy on the inside - at least it might be with all the makeup and mousse scrubbed off and out.

The guy looks really badly proportioned on the horse. The poor horse. Or is that a woman on the horse? That long glorious blonde hair. WAIT! It's the guy on the cover in full drag!

La Femme

LOL Okay, in all fairness to the cover, that is NOT his arm. It's plate-shield to protect his arm. It just looks the same color as his body.

Did you notice what looks like his raggedy cut-off jean shorts?


Oh, I saw the jeans. Dumb. And I knew that couldn't be his arm! Most of the comments are sarcastic, right? (at least mine are - unless I really don't get something. you know me well, Femme).

La Femme

It's hard to get nuances through comments. I'm working on it. :)

Why do you suppose she's wearing a denim loin cloth?


Made from the bottoms of his jeans? Didn't have enough for the top.

And there's one LONG lock of hair wrapped around her waist. That would be too long compared to the rest.

La Femme

Maybe she has a rat tail? Remember those?


No. Remember I'm old.

La Femme


Rat tail.

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