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LOL! Is that possible??
Her boobs are defying gravity! And the white strap is conveniently covering her nipple.
He has nice short hair, but I won't mention that weird roll in his neck.


That kind of would look like a chain if it werent for that weird bulge at the nape of his neck. And I agree, Olivia, where's the aureola and nipple? Something really weird is going on in this cover. I would hope the storyline would be better. I usually like Timeswept and time travels.

La Femme

O, To touch your toes backwards? Sure! Contortionists do it all the time. Heck, so do some gymnasts. It just makes for some interesting experiences, sexually.

D, he probably wears a necklace in the story. I don't know -- I haven't read this one.

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