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Yuck it's Fabio again.

Didn't know Fabio was that hung! Or does she have a long hardon working there under that dress? It sure looks like someone's at attention between her legs!

Speaking of legs, I hope that's tights he's wearing and doesn't have grey legs.


you have to check out "Silver Angel". She has nothing going for her except hair.



He's using "something else" to hold her up. Definitely. BTW, she looks a lot like Sarah Brightman :-P

La Femme

Dangit, D! Stop that! We HAVE that book!

G, Did you notice her leg? How it's like twice the length of her forarm, and how it comes out in the wrong place?


She's anatomically incorrect.
Massively so.


I literally had to step outside because I was laughing so hard at the first paragraph on the following site. My husband works nights, so he was asleep when I stumbled onto this. It is just so hilarious!


I read the article, Deanatroi, and actually he sounds like a good person. I don't find him handsome at all, though! But there should be more people like him, promoting healthy, peaceful living.

La Femme

Good person though he may be, this site is all about the shallow. He's just not good looking. But! He was good in Bubble Boy!


Why us the background purple? Are they sitting on the Dark Crystal??


Of course this site is all about the shallow, and I love it! But the article Deana mentioned was about Fabio's real life, and I didn't find it specially hilarious. The only thing that made me laugh about it, is that women ever considered Fabio handsome. 'Cause I still don't see it!

And yeah, her leg is wrong :-D

La Femme

O, I've not been able to figure out what they're sitting on, except that it's purple.

G, I don't know why women were attracted to him. There's a new guy, they hardly ever show his face (I don't know his name, so he probably makes a fraction of what Fabio made), HE is attractive.

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