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Centaurs usually don't dress up. But yes, it definitely looks like he's half human!

She looks JUST like Nicole Kidman - vapid and bored.


He looks like a centaur.

And my fist impression, before I read the text, was that she looks dead indeed.

La Femme

Okay, okay, fine, it looks like a centaur. But when I saw it I automatically thought of a satyr. 'Cause to me it looked like he was standing up on 2 legs, not that he had 4 legs. So there.


"She's comatose, that's more willing than I'm used to!"


I really wish they had left the head out! That would be cool. I don't think she looks dead. He is a vampire centaur and shes under his spell.

And is she wearing a wedding dress? Poor virgin, her first time will be on a horse.

La Femme

Which head should they have left off? I is con-fused.

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