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The cover girl in the Gibson Girl hairstyle reminds me a lot of Jane Seymour in "Somewhere In Time" - my absolutely favorite movie.

The cover is pretty - just ruined by the masterful manipulation of the girl on the inside cover. Leave off the bottom pic and it shouldn't be in this!

La Femme

Yeah, honestly, it's not bad. It just so makes me think he's ripping her arms off. I couldn't help it. UW fell asleep, and I was desperate. We're behind 2 quotes, too! Ugh!


At least he doesn't bellow and gurgle during sex.
Now, a Tusken Sand Raider yell during sex is pretty funny.

Matt's Sis

Um... his upper arm in the bottom pic looks... wrong, especially compared to the rest of his arm. The muscle doesn't have a natural bulge throughout. It makes him look like those guys that inject junk (not necessarily steroids) into their arms to make the muscles look bigger.

La Femme

It does look a little funky. I still think it could be a very pretty picture in general. The top cover is very nice.

Matt, I sometimes yell like a sand raider during sex. UW gets very confused.


"Urrrrk! Urrrrk! Gronk gronk gronk URRRK!"
That actually does sound like fun.

La Femme

But I CAN see how that would be disturbing to SOME people. Narrow minded people, of course.

La Femme

Of course, that makes it sound like UW is narrow minded -- he doesn't get disturbed, just confused.


I'm envisioning a "What The...?" moment.

La Femme

Pretty much.

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