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Well, doggy style has been around probably before Doggy's were pets. That's the first cover I've seen with that position on it!

Levi's have been around for a long time, but that doesn't look like button-fly to me.

La Femme

Like I said, they're wearing too much clothes for that.

While the book takes place in 1876, and "jeans" had been invented by then (even though denim pants had been around for ages before that), these are clearly modern jeans and a modern belt -- and either way, the guy in the book wears a kilt. :-P



Also.. look for the crawling bondage bride...
All of the above could fit the scene.

La Femme

Matt, couldn't find a "crawling bondage bride" -- or anything with crawling... or bondage... But the first link? The woman looks emaciated. Poor thing.


He looks great from the neck down...I'd do him. But in a bed, not in a volcano surrounded by roses.

La Femme

Sex outdoors can be a lot of fun -- and the element of danger (is that his tongue, or did a dog just join us?) is always a plus.


Hunting season...
...Audience is now deaf.

I couldn't find it quickly, and kiddymonster were all over last night.
The neice is here and driving me crazy.She often appears ot be more than one kiddymonster.
(I'm really not good with kids. How does one do this and stay sane?)


Found the position.
Yikes that was a rough search.

La Femme

Eh. that's actually rather pretty. Now THIS http://wedinator.com/2009/11/11/thankfully-the-groom-has-made-it-easier-to-understand-their-new-relationship/ is scary. :D


No way would you catch me in THAT wedding.


LOL... Ouch.

La Femme

What, you're not a poseur?

I saw that one. At least they're attractive. It would be terrible if they were really grotesque to look at.


Nope, not a poseur.
I try very hard to present myself as normal and well adjusted.
*Sis, you laugh.. you lose.*

La Femme

Can *I* laugh?


Well, yes.
But when sis laughs at my attempts to appear normal and well adjusted.. well, it's just wrong.

La Femme

But that's what siblings are for. I know -- I have 6 of them.

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