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maybe its how we communicate? Or how we feed?

La Femme

Possibly -- but it's in almost all the futuristic romances.

Uncle Walter

Ack, now that song is stuck in my head again!


Somewhere in Time...

La Femme

Sorry, babe. You were asleep and I had to come up with something. Hopefully tonight you'll be able to stay awake long enough to finish the blog -- and give me some snu-snu.


Maybe it means he's virile. Studly. Huge manhood (don't they all have that?)

Don't know what her leather wristband means - unless that's a big ass watch.


Maybe is a really big wedding ring?

La Femme

D, So it's a watch that makes her ass big? That would suck.

O, could be, but doubtful given that they're supposed to be showing passion. Passion disappears after marriage, of course.


Sometimes even before then.

La Femme

That would suck. You should at least get the pre-marital explosive sex. Although in all seriousness, the passion can burn just as hot 12 years later. :D


That's nice. I've seen your husband. He is SO much better looking than Fabio. But then, so are a lot of men.

LOL snu snu! I love Futurama. I would do Fry. And bender. And maybe Amy. A movie star. The professor and Maryanne...

Also, I was thinking, maybe the armbands are medical. Have you heard of copper bands that you wear and when you sweat, you take in some minerals or something?

La Femme

He's my stud-muffin, what can I say? Although sometimes he DOES tell me that the mind is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised... especially after I've been using the crop. But he loves it, don't let him tell you otherwise.

Does sex give them motion sickness? Is that it?

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