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lol. This it out now isn't it? Have you seen it?

La Femme

Lord no. UW forced me to see the first movie, but I'm not sitting through that again, No matter how built Jacob is.


Shooting up? As in his "manhood"? ROFL (Sorry - seems everything's funny at 2am after picking up something the youngest HAD to have for a project due tomorrow that she could have told me about yesterday! Femme - get ready. Your day will come. You'll memorize WalMart and can shop in your sleep!

La Femme

The "shooting up" is a reference to him describing her as his "brand of heroine".

I've no doubt I'll be doing running like that. I'm a pushover. :-P


But WHAT is she putting in every stranger's face?
And is that healthy?
For them...?


Femme - I knew it was shooting up as in the drug. Just making a joke. 2am is a very hard time to make sense of your own jokes.

La Femme

Apparently she's putting her brand of heroine in his face.


"My milkshake is better than yours!"

La Femme

I would think that's more appropriate for the whipped cream discussion, wouldn't you??


LOL, maybe.
She's wearing a shirt that says "NOT milk".

La Femme

NOT milk, just heroine.


I always hated that reference. If Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon, why did she add that? She should have said something else. I know I'm just a prudish spinster librarian, but I don't think that is appropriate for teens. They should have taken that part out of the movie as well.

Is she saying, you can't have heroine, but you can fall in love with it?

La Femme

She also used an example of alcoholism. I think she was deliberately using it in reference to something "bad" -- ie that's why they're "vegetarians" (hunting animals instead of humans), because using human blood would be akin to taking drugs or drinking. But I'm just guessing. The book didn't make a lot of sense.

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