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Well, the comment alone says it all. But did you notice that the cloud in the upper right corner looks like a head in profile with her fist at her chin, and the long, billowing, wavy hair?


"No! No! You can't, you musn't!"

'Ah.. but I will, and you'll like it or else you'll get it again!'

"Okay, if you must."

La Femme

D, I don't see that. Hmmm... I do kind of see A face, but it's straight on, with the lower half missing and no hair.


I see the face and the hair in the clouds. And I see Jesus too! Hallelujah! ;-)

La Femme

Okay, I see it... but I'm pretty sure that's a lightening bolt -- remember, I got a good look at the cover. :-P

I wanna see jesus!


It is a lighting bolt and a face. That sky is weird...so is the whole cover. I really like this Avon romantic treasure for $5.99.

La Femme

*I* like that we only paid .75 for it.

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