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And, again, there's something weird about HER hair...

La Femme

Yes, there is. It looks like Barbie hair.


You're focusing on her hair and ignoring the rest of this monstrosity?? I REALLY hate that pattern.

La Femme

Well, we DID mention that it wasn't a particularly nice tapestry.


It's useful for after action wiping.
The staining can give it more character than it already has.
Kinda like a post coitus rorschach test.
"Look at this stain and tell me what you see."
"Mmm.. your sister."
"No, really, your sister is right behind you!"

La Femme

Not the sister -- it was the "Grandpa" remember?


OUCH, now that brings all kinda of horrible eye test comments to mind.

La Femme

See, occasionally you throw out something I don't understand at all. This is one of those times.


Being near-sighted, I have had the experience of speaking to someone only to find that once the eyeglasses were on.. it wasn't them.
(Now imagine not wearing much in the above scenario...)
Now add Grandpa to it.

La Femme

that's... an unpleasant mental image.


I want to have flowers in my hair like that. But I don't want that ugly bastard touching me.

La Femme

UW has some allergies. No flowers in my hair. :-P


Yes, short skinny me has a visual range of five inches from my nose.
Beyond that distance the world becomes a blurry untidy mess.
I am stuck to viewing the world through two panes of plastic.
So for me, vision based commentary is second nature.
"I didn't see that coming!"
"How could you miss something like that bellowing with a flushed face?"
"Someone flushed her face? I didn't see that either! Where are my glasses?!"

La Femme

I have about a 12 inch range of vision -- and thus use contact lenses. I've yet to mistake someone for someone else that way, but there are plenty of people I can't recognize by their face. ;)


I have to use sound to distinguish people.
I can't rely on my eyes.
(Near sighted and color blind, a lovely combo.)
Can't wear contacts, my eyes turn red and itch violently.

So outside of eight foot, people look mighty odd to me.
I may be able to recognize them depending on lighting, but it is quite uncomfortable.

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