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And there's that horse in the background, and she has bad silicone implants, and her legs are of different sizes (I bet she can't walk on them), and of course, he has to show his chest. Her shoulder looks like there's a broken bone somewhere, too.

Too many wrong things about this cover. I like her hair, though.

La Femme

Good thing you could find something to like. Most of the time it's hard to do even that. The horse is very random.


The chest was added on.
She is leaning turned towards her left.
They added the chest as if she is turned towards 'us'.
The horse is happy beause he is escaping from this sordid tale..

La Femme

The boob on her left is floating off of her chest.


Detachable boobs.
A song that must be written.

La Femme

Then write it, man!


I would if I had musical talent.
Perhaps I'll inspire someone who actually has musical talent and ability?

La Femme

My daughter has both, but I really don't think that's the kind of song I should have her write.


LOL, yeah that would be an odd request.
"Dear, mom would like you to write a song for her about.."
Magic 8 ball says "Not a chance".

La Femme

Many years ago, my mom would have done that. Of course, since she has no music talent either, it would suck.

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