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Yeah, that, er, lady has an adams apple.

La Femme

Yes, ewoks. They look like the fur of a very old ewok.


His boots are made from skinned ewoks, and smell like rancid koi.

La Femme

Which is why "she" is aiming her nose as far away from them as possible.


"She" is unconscious.
The wuss.

La Femme

"She" couldn't take the smell.


They just don't build female impersonators like they used to.


LOL. His moobs are bigger than hers


I don't mind a flat chested woman, or a woman with an A cup.
She likely has other talents to make use of.

However.. women don't have adams apples...
And men shouldn't have C cups.

La Femme

There's definitely some boobage on the "lady". The man looks like he's had breast implants -- I don't mean pec implants, but breast implants. Blech.


For a second I couldn't figure out where that hand had come from. All that white - the blender was working. These bodice ripper covers - they kind of all have the same poses after a while. Just different Fabio's. Ever see him recently? He was never that good looking. "Thanks for the mammaries". He hasn't aged well.

La Femme

He branched out into acting. He was in "Bubble Boy" and "Dude, Where's My Car?" that I can think of off the top of my head.

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