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The way she's leaning tells me that she's barely conscious.
And where's Grizzly Adam's bear?
"I share eveything with the bear."

La Femme

The bear's over in the corner, watching. He's a bit of a voyeur.


Darn pervert bear.
Next up he'll want to film it all.

La Femme

We were just watching Robot Chicken last night. The skit was about goldilocks getting raped by one of the 3 bears, and there was a movie producer that said was talking about us living in a country that allows them to show videos of a bear fucking a human. "What, we don't???" and he pushes the eject button for his office chair. I love Robot Chicken.

Matt's Sis

The first thing I thought was "Is he going to put her in the kettle?".


Robot Chicken, the only place you'll find Zombie Kool Aid Man.
She's too cold, so he's gonna warm her up.
Kinda like the animated version of Avenged Sevenfold's song "A Little Piece Of Heaven."
It's a heater for her thighs...

La Femme

He got confused by the concept of a redneck hot tub.


Well, he could have tried to baste her.

La Femme

With what? (*raising eyebrows suggestively*)


Why, super baster 9000.
Five inches wide, several hundred gallon per second flow rate.
it's the ultimate baster.

La Femme

That's not nearly as interesting as I had hoped.


I was tryiong to keep it kinda clean, there are kids about on my end..
Dratted rotten little niece and nephew kids... all of them horrid clones of the eldest of the three of us.
No baster there.

But Grizz there might have basted her with baby spackle, take your pick about which end.
He doesn't look like the picky choosy type, more like the thrusty usey type.

La Femme

I've always got the kids flitting around -- I just don't let them look. :D

...more like the thrusty usey type...

Hence the brothel reference.


And with the bad quote from the girl yanking the man shlong, I've got horrible Grizzly Adams bear DP scenes with this cover.
Bear basting, the best in frontier love..


He and the bear share everything - how about a little rump roast tonight?


Lord Rumpp Rooser and his faithful sidekick Grophing Bahr.
The heroine, Lady Eysee Spreddh.

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