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Okay, he's setting her feet first into the fire.
Obviously he intends to set her clothes alight so that she won't have them on anymore.
That is, if they don't get run down by those rampaging horses back there.
Even the horse on the right looks ashamed to be part of this cover.

The Wife

Who wouldn't be? we can only hope that these people at least made decent money making this atrocity.


where is her left leg?

The Wife

On the otherside of the rock? At least, it looks like a rock. It could be a large amount of dung, though.


Apparently her left leg has been abducted by the title.
Along with most of the fabric that made up the back of her dress.

The Wife

You're supposed to talk about her supple skin or something.


That's done, usually with a mouthful of supple skin.

The Wife

Garble garble?


Something like that.

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