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Isn't Texas a hot state? Why is he wearing a big woolly coat?? Why is she looking at him like that? She's a virgin, isn't she?


I love when that happens.


"If I do this, does it honk like those old style horns?"
"Now where did my watch go?"
"There must be more radio stations on this thing."
"Hmm.. click for high beams."
"Turn signal!"

The Wife

Olivia, They do get down into the 40's sometimes, I think. No reason for a big wooly coat. And yes, I do believe that she's a virgin.


Matt, thanks for the captions!


The look on his face also could be that he's keyed the secret microphone.

The Wife

Now THAT I don't get. ?


She's his walkie talkie.
He's pushing the button to speak.
She's lit up, clearly transmitting.
Pobably has steel plates in her head for her thoughts to careen off of.
Increases her transitting range.

The Wife

People still use walkie-talkies? :-O

Did you ever see that episode of South Park where Stephen Spielberg (I think it was) re-made all his movies so that instead of guns they all carried walkie-talkies? Good stuff!


I have one or two laying around.

If he suddenly flips her shirt open and she chirps, the next thing he'll say is "Enterprise, two to beam up."

The Wife

"Kirk Out" was some of the first words one of my brothers said.


My first word was "shit".
Dunno why, it is one of the great mysteries of life.

The Wife

That was one of The Girl's first words as well. She'd say "shhii" over and over again.

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